Oh, Chistmas Tree!

Well we have begun the decorating. This weekend we bought a new "pre-lit" tree. Mommy loved it. No more stringing lights. It is also 9 ft. so we needed a ladder to reach the top. As you can see mommy lil' elf was quite the helper. She loved hanging the ornaments. I am not sure if she was aware that our tree had top to it, since all of her decorations were concentrated on the bottom! We are so excited about Christmas this year. Emma is just the right age to really enjoy it.

Later in the night, we had a hat party. (Emma's idea of course) We all had to wear our hats around and sing hat songs. (Emma writes all of her own music and lyrics) It's her special talent that we hope one day will pay for mommy and daddy's retirement!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures. We will add some more soon. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!



Last week, we all took a trip to the WonderPlace in LR on mommy's day off. We had so much fun. First we went to Babies R Us to do a little shopping for Olivia and then we headed to play. Olivia slept most of the time, but Emma and Ridge had a blast!

Emma loved to play in the dress up section and in the kitchen. She made us sandwiches. For dessert we had the BIGGEST ice-cream cone ever! Ridge, however, loved the water pool. He was soaked from head to toe. We also pretended to be a vet, painted, played in the sandbox, and played in the tree house. It was so fun. We hope to go back soon!


Sorry, here's the pics!

Buzz Lightyear and Pink Piggy

Emma had her favorite friend over for dress up. Emma was a pink pig and James Patrick was Buzz Lightyear. They have so much fun together and are too cute.


I had to add a couple more pictures. They are too cute not the add!!

Pumpkin Patch

On Friday we went with Emma's school to the pumpkin patch. We saw animals, went on a hayride, and picked out pumpkins. Cousin Ridge and Nana went with us too. It was cold but we had fun.

Happy Halloween!!

We had a busy night on Wednesday. It was Halloween and we had lots of people to see. Emma chose her costume this year, a bunny rabbit. She wore it hopping around the house all week. She couldn't wait for mommy to paint "whiskers" on her. Olivia was a black cat. Thanks to the Duck Duck Goose sale, my Halloween shopping was made easy. Olivia keep smearing her whiskers, but she still looked adorable.
First we went trick or treating with Lighting McQueen, James Patrick. Emma and James Patrick had a blast going door to door. They did tend to ring the door bell many times at each house! Afterwards, we headed to Nana and Granddad's were Emma got a new Halloween Barbie and Olivia got a new stuffed animals. We can always count on Nana to gets things the girls love. Then we headed to Enola to see Granny, Grandad, and Aunt Debbie. Baby Ridge was there and dressed as a frog. He was so cute. After a long night, Olivia went to stay the night with Nana and we headed home to get some rest for the pumpkin patch the next day. Happy Halloween!!!