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Sweet Sisters


First Easter Egg Hunt

Emma and Olivia got to hunt Easter eggs a little early this year. Our play group had an Easter party and we hunted eggs. Emma loved it, but Olivia was too attached to Mommy's hip to care. Hopefully next week, she will be a little more in the Easter spirit.


Worn Out!

I had to take a picture and post this one of Olivia. I walked into the living room to see that she had fallen asleep on the couch while watching cartoons and her hand in the Cheetos bag! Too cute!


Gymnastics Day

This month Hannah's Heart went to All-Star Cheer and Gymnastics.  The girls had so much fun.  Emma even had to wear her leotard.  It's been over a year since she has been in gymnastic classes, so she was thrilled to get to go again.  Olivia loved to run around on the tumble mat and the trampoline.  I hope we get to go again soon!



My new favorite site!

I LOVE a good deal!  That's why I am now obsessed with these websites.  My favorite is Freebies 4 mom.  I love good deals, free samples, and playing the sweepstakes!  Check in daily for new posts from this mom.
Thanks to my friend Niki, I am also loving The Thrifty Mama and Money Saving Mom.
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And if you want it all in one place....check out my friends Niki's blog:  Donna Reed Syndrome.  She is very thrifty and entertaining too.  Watch out for multi post a day from her!
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Emma went Bowling!!


Emma's New Hair Cut

Well Emma now has bangs!  Last week she had a new friend over for the first time.  That morning the watched "The Parent Trap".  She loves that movie (the original one)  That afternoon her and her friend decided they wanted to be twins like the girls on Parent Trap.  So Emma gets her new scissors from Santa and decided to play beauty shop.  Luckily she didn't end up with hair as short as Hayley Mills does in the movie, but she definitely has bangs now.  It's not too bad.  She actually did a OK job.  Maybe she has a future as a hair stylist!  Mommy just thinks back to all those months it took to grow out those bangs and now there back.  Don't be surprised if you see lots of barrettes and headbands in her pictures for awhile.  Needless to say all scissors have been confiscated.  


Christmas Pictures...Finally!

This Christmas was so much fun. Emma was so excited about "Santa" and couldn't wait for him to come to her house.  We had a great time with my parents, Matt's family, and going to my Granny's on Christmas Day. Santa brought Emma a science kit, a "real" doctor's kit, and a harp (just what she asked for). Santa brought Olivia a few gifts he already had laying around the workshop :) Both of the girls also got riding toys that they play on everyday.
Christmas so so fun and memorable this year. I know how important it is to cherish these years with the girls while they are so little and so excited about it all. Merry Christmas!!!!

Emma's favorite gift...a gymnastic ribbon 

Daddy and Dr. Emma

Santa brought Olivia a Turbo Turtle!

He brought Emma her own Science kit!

Nana and Granddad got Emma a new four-wheeler!

Baking with our new "Pupcake" maker. (Emma's word for cupcakes)

New Dress-Up Costumes