Around the house....

Matt and I at our church Christmas Party!

Aunt Debbie made me this cool shirt!

Watching Max and Ruby really wears me out!

My favorite thing...cooking like Mommy!


Thanksgiving Day Feast

These are some pictures of the Thanksgiving Day Feast at Emma's preschool. She was so cute dressed in her Indian costume.  We had a full Thanksgiving meal.  And mommy even baked a turkey for the occasion!


Fall Family Portraits

Last week I attempted to take the kids Fall pictures.  Cousin Ridge and Olivia weren't too happy with the idea.  I got what I could and they turned out pretty cute considering the cold weather and it was the kids' nap time!  Happy Fall!!!


We are a little obsessed!

Okay, looking at yesterday's Halloween pictures and some from the past few months.  I had to post these.  Olivia is completely obsessed with her baby cousin Jett.  Jett is 5 months old, but since he has been born Olivia is crazy about him.  As soon as she sees him she says.."et" "et".  She has to hug and kiss him about every 5 minutes She will even sit on the floor at Nana's house and hold out her hands waiting for someone to hand her her baby Jett!  I am sure one day Jett will start getting annoyed with this obsession, but for now it's too cute!  

Happy Halloween!!

We had a busy night!  First we went trick or treating with our friend James Patrick.  Emma loved it and Olivia wanted to eat the candy as soon as it was given to her :)   Emma was dressed as Princess Jasmine and Olivia was pirate.  Emma was originally a pirate, but changed her mind the last minute.  Olivia was to be Tinkerbell, but it didn't fit when I went to put it on her.  Luckily, we are a family with many dress up clothes, so we had back ups.  After door to door trick or treating, we headed to Nana's house to see cousin Ridge and Jett.  We all had fun and ate too much candy.  Happy Halloween!!!


Fall Weather!

Finally it's getting cool.  We went outside to play yesterday and even needed our jackets and hats.  Mommy and Emma usually aren't much for the outdoors (Olivia just the opposite) but this time of year we all love it.  We are going to enjoy everyday of it.  It won't be long until it's bitter cold!


Carving Pumpkins

Our good friends the McCarron's came over to carve pumpkins with us.  it has been awhile since us parents had done this so it took some work.  Ok, a lot of work.  Emma loved it!  She wanted to do everything herself.  The pumpkins turned out so cute.  Now we are officially ready for Halloween!!

Soccer Time!

Emma has been playing soccer for a few weeks now, but this was the first time I could remember my camera.  She actually only has one more game to play.  It has taken while for her to get used to the idea, but she finally likes it.  Although, she likes practice more than the games.  Poor baby is like her mommy in that big crowds make her nervous!  
I also think we may have a future player on our hands too!!!