Emma's New Hair Cut

Well Emma now has bangs!  Last week she had a new friend over for the first time.  That morning the watched "The Parent Trap".  She loves that movie (the original one)  That afternoon her and her friend decided they wanted to be twins like the girls on Parent Trap.  So Emma gets her new scissors from Santa and decided to play beauty shop.  Luckily she didn't end up with hair as short as Hayley Mills does in the movie, but she definitely has bangs now.  It's not too bad.  She actually did a OK job.  Maybe she has a future as a hair stylist!  Mommy just thinks back to all those months it took to grow out those bangs and now there back.  Don't be surprised if you see lots of barrettes and headbands in her pictures for awhile.  Needless to say all scissors have been confiscated.  

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Tambrey said...

So funny! I t could hav been worse! How is your meal planning and exercising going??